Who Is The Good Guy In The Tempest?

Who did Prospero forgive?

At the end of the play, Prospero, forgives Alonso and Antonio but does not forgive Caliban.

Caliban attempts to murder Prospero but Prospero does not punish him but also doesn’t forgive him.

He instead tells him to go back to his cell and to do more work..

Who is Sebastian’s brother in The Tempest?

AntonioAntonio is Prospero’s brother, who betrayed him to have the dukedom; Sebastian is younger brother to King Alonso of Naples, and is interested in stealing Alonso’s throne.

Who is Alonso’s son?

FerdinandFerdinand. Son and heir of Alonso. Ferdinand seems in some ways to be as pure and naïve as Miranda.

Who betrayed Prospero?

Years before the action of The Tempest begins, two men conspired to assassinate Prospero, who was then the Duke of Milan. These two men were Prospero’s brother, Antonio, and the King of Naples, Alonso. The purpose of these men’s conspiracy was to remove Prospero from power and install Antonio in his place.

Is Ariel more powerful than Prospero?

Power is a prevalent theme in Shakespeare’s The Tempest, and arguably the two most powerful characters in the play are Prospero and his servant Ariel. … In fact, given that Ariel is constantly being sent to do magical tasks for Prospero, it is possible that Ariel’s magical powers exceed Prospero’s own.

Why does Prospero treat Caliban poorly?

Prospero accuses Caliban of being ungrateful for all that he has taught and given him. He calls him a “lying slave” and reminds him of the effort he made to educate him (I. ii. … Caliban’s hereditary nature, he continues, makes him unfit to live among civilized people and earns him his isolation on the island.

Is Prospero a tragic hero?

Prospero is a tragic hero, in a sense, because he makes the transition from having everything to having nothing. He loses his daughter. He brings his enemies under his power only to eventually lose control and release them.

Why does Prospero forgive his enemies?

It could well be that Prospero already decided to forgive his brother and he was only pretending that Ariel’s words moved him. This would mean that Prospero had this in mind already when he started the tempest. … He does it by putting his enemies at his mercy, then play the good guy by helping and forgiving them.

Why does Prospero give up magic?

5) Why does Prospero give up magic? … Prospero therefore uses magic to right a wrong and restore himself to power. However, once he accomplishes his goal, he resolves to abandon magic and rid himself of its corrupting influence for good.

Who is the hero in The Tempest?

Type of Hero Prospero is the protagonist of the Shakespearean play The Tempest. He is the rightful Duke of Milan, but he had been exiled to an island by his brother Antonio.

Is Prospero a hero or villain?

Prospero Walks a Very Fine Line. Prospero is one of Shakespeare’s more mysterious protagonists. He is a sympathetic character because of how his brother, Antonio, usurped his dukedom and exiled him and his daughter from Milan.

Who is the most important character in The Tempest?

ProsperoAlthough The Tempest features many characters with their own plots and desires, Prospero is the main protagonist. Prospero sets the events of the play in motion by conjuring the terrible tempest that shipwrecks his enemies.

How does Prospero treat Miranda?

Prospero treats Miranda very well in The Tempest. He dotes on her and tries his best to ensure that she is safe and happy.

Why were Prospero and Miranda not killed?

They weren’t killed because Prospero was so well-loved by his people. Prospero and the baby were banished to sea on a used ’83 Chevy Impala of a ship, which “even the rats left instinctively.” … Miranda, far from being trouble, gave Prospero the strength to continue on.

How does Alonso betray Prospero?

Loyalty and betrayal are both minor themes linked to the more prominent themes of servitude versus freedom, in the Tempest. … Antonio betrayed his brother and stole the dukedom of Milan from him while he (Prospero) was studying. Being the loyal man that he is, Prospero did not expect his brother evil grab for power.

Who cursed Boatswain first?

Sebastian and Antonio curse the Boatswain in his labors, masking their fear with profanity.

Why does Antonio kill Alonso?

Alonso starts to feel wondrous heavy and the others promise to guard him while he takes a rest. Antonio suggests that this is an opportunity for Sebastian to become king. … They draw their swords planning to kill Alonso and Gonzalo as they sleep. However, Ariel returns and awakens Gonzalo and the King.

Does Prospero kill sycorax?

Prospero chastises Ariel for protesting and reminds him of the horrible fate from which he was rescued. Before Prospero came to the island, a witch named Sycorax imprisoned Ariel in a tree. Sycorax died, leaving Ariel trapped until Prospero arrived and freed him.

Is Prospero a good or bad character?

Prospero can be viewed as both good and evil because of his kindness and intelligence to some characters, such as his daughter Miranda, which conflicts with his harshness and unkindness to other characters, such as Caliban. … Prospero is forgiving to those who tried to hurt him.

Who is Calibans dad?

ProsperoCaliban/FatherCaliban is the son of Sycorax, a witch. He was born on the island and is Prospero’s slave. Ferdinand is the Prince of Naples, son of Alonso.

Why is Ariel indebted to Prospero?

In The Tempest, Ariel is indebted to Prospero because he used his magic to free him from a cloven pine when he arrived on the island. The wicked witch Sycorax imprisoned Ariel before she died, and he remained imprisoned in the tree for twelve years until Prospero freed him.