Quick Answer: Where Were The Rock Cut Temples Built?

Which is the first stone structure built in India?

Barabar cavesThe earliest instances of Indian rock-cut architecture, the Barabar caves, date from about the 3rd to the 2nd century BCE.

They were built by the Buddhist monks and consisted mostly of multi-storey buildings carved into the mountain face to contain living and sleeping quarters, kitchens, and monastic spaces..

Which place of Himachal is known as Ellora and Ajanta?

Located in Maharashtra’s Aurangabad region, Ajanta and Ellora Caves are Maharashtra’s star tourist attractions. The curiosity surrounding the caves has led many travellers and historians to visit as well. Both UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Ajanta and Ellora Caves have some of the finest Indian paintings and sculptures.

Who destroyed Ellora caves?

King AurangzebMughal King Aurangzeb who destroyed thousands of Hindu temple, also tried to destroy Kailasa temple. It is said that 1000 people were sent to destroy the temple in the year 1682.

Who built Kailasa temple in Ellora?

King Krishna IThe Kailash Temple is the sixteenth cave, and it is one of the 32 cave temples and monasteries forming the magnanimous Ellora Caves. As per the historical records, it was built by the 8th century Rashtrakuta King Krishna I between the year 756 and 773 AD.

Which is the largest temple in the world?

List of largest Hindu templesRankName of the templeArea (m²)1Swaminarayan Akshardham (North America)660,0002Sri Ranganathasvamy Temple631,0003Chhatarpur Temple280,0004Akshardham240,00026 more rows

Which is the largest cave temple in India?

Kailasa templeThe Kailasa temple (Cave 16) is the largest of the 34 Buddhist, Jain and Hindu cave temples and monasteries known collectively as the Ellora Caves, ranging for over 2 kilometres (1.5 miles) along the sloping basalt cliff at the site….Kailasa Temple, Ellora.Kailasa TempleLocationElloraStateMaharashtraCountryIndiaShown within India10 more rows

Is famous for many rock cut caves?

Lenyadri contains nearly 40 rock-cut caves. The best known and most visited is a group of 30 caves located in a compact group and all facing towards the south. These caves have been created in the 1st – 3rd century AD as a Buddhist monastery.

Which temple is known as Ellora of HP?

Masroor TemplesThe Masroor Temples are rock cut temples, sometimes called the Ellora of Himachal. They are believed to have been first built by Pandavas while they were travelling through these mountains; historical…

Which is the best example of rock cut architecture in the world?

ElloraThe Hindu, Buddhist and Jain caves at Ellora were chiselled between the 4th and the 9th centuries. Ellora, considered amongst the finest examples of rock-cut architecture, dates back to the Rashtrakuta dynasty, about 1,500 years ago. Of the 34 caves, 12 are Buddhist, 17 Hindu and 5 Jain.

Who built the Barabar Caves?

The inscription in the Sudama cave informs that the four caves on Barabar hill were assigned by King Ashoka to Ajivika monks in 261 BC. Another inscription on the Nagarjuni hill is of the grandson of King Ashoka, Dasaratha Maurya, which tells that the Ajivikas continued to enjoy imperial Mauryan patronage for long.

Where were the rock cut temples built in India?

Ellora Caves, Maharashtra Located in Aurangabad district of Maharashtra, Ellora Caves is one of the rock-cut architectural marvels of India. This archaeological site was constructed by Rashtrakuta dynasty and comprised of 34 caves.

Which temple was made in the 8th century from rock cutting?

Masrur TemplesThe Masrur Temples, also referred to as Masroor Temples or Rock-cut Temples at Masrur, is an early 8th-century complex of rock-cut Hindu temples in the Kangra Valley of Beas River in Himachal Pradesh, India.

Which is the oldest rock cut cave in India?

Barabar Hill CavesThe Barabar Hill Caves (Hindi बराबर, Barābar) are the oldest surviving rock-cut caves in India, dating from the Maurya Empire (322–185 BCE), some with Ashokan inscriptions, located in the Makhdumpur region of Jehanabad district, Bihar, India, 24 km (15 mi) north of Gaya.

How was Kailasa temple built?

Master craftspeople carved the gigantic structure from a single piece of solid rock in a cave on a mountainside. … The painstaking process removed more than 200,000 tons of volcanic rock between 757 and 783 A.D., according to archaeologists. Kailasa Temple is one of 34 caves in the area carved from solid rock.

Who was Lomas Rishi?

The Lomas Rishi Cave, also called the Grotto of Lomas Rishi, is one of the man-made Barabar Caves in the Barabar and Nagarjuni hills of Jehanabad district in the Indian state of Bihar. … They were ascetic communities and meditated in the Barabar caves.

Which is the oldest cave?

Until Aubert went to Sulawesi, the oldest dated art was firmly in Europe. The spectacular lions and rhinos of Chauvet Cave, in southeastern France, are commonly thought to be around 30,000 to 32,000 years old, and mammoth-ivory figurines found in Germany correspond to roughly the same time.

Who built the rock cut temple?

The Kailash Temple was created through a single, huge top-down excavation 100 feet deep down into the volcanic basaltic cliff rock. It was commissioned in the 8th century by King Krishna I and took more than 100 years to complete.

What are rock cut temples name some famous rock cut temples?

Here Are 9 Rock-Cut Temples in IndiaBarabar Caves.Varaha Cave Temple.Pandavleni Caves.Badami Caves.Kanheri Caves.Belum Caves.Udaygiri Caves.Ajanta and Ellora Caves.More items…•