Quick Answer: What Was Napoleon’S Most Important Contribution?

What were Napoleon’s major domestic achievements?

What were his major domestic achievements.

Napoleon’s major domestic achievements was ending the Revolution of the Third Estate, suppressed all opposition, re established Christianity in France, and safeguarded all forms of property.

Did his rule fulfill or betray the French Revolution?.

What was Napoleon’s greatest victory?

Battle of AusterlitzIt is the Battle of Austerlitz which is also known as the Battle of three Emperors and is considered as Napoleon’s greatest victory in history. The battle of Austerlitz which was held on Dec 5th, 1805 resulted in a tremendous victory for Napoleon.

What traits did Napoleon not possess?

GS ANTHS Chapter 23ABWhat strategy did Czar Alexander I use to defeat Napoleon?scorched-earth policyWhich of the following traits did Napoleon NOT possess?humilityWhat did Klemens von Metternich NOT want to accomplish at the Congress of Vienna?create the beginnings of a European democracy7 more rows

What is Napoleon’s legacy?

Considered to be his greatest legacy, Napoleon’s Civil Code assured the spread of the ideals of the French Revolution long after the end of his rule. But, it was through the image he presented of himself that the people of Europe found a symbol of revolutionary change.

What did Napoleon do on June 24 1812 and why is that his biggest mistake?

What did Napoleon do on June 24, 1812 and why is that his “biggest mistake”? -history/napoleons-grande-armee-invades-russiaNapoleon’s grande army invaded russia , this was the biggest mistake because he and his army were faced with russia’s suddenly aggressive and merciless army , they were faced by hunger and the …

What was Napoleon’s greatest error?

-Napoleon’s biggest mistake was in 1812. -Even though Alexander I had become Napoleon’s ally, the Russian Czar refused to stop selling grain to Britain. -Alexander pulled back his troops, refusing to be lured into and unequal battle.

What are three of Napoleon’s achievements?

Terms in this set (7)National Bank. In 1800, he established the Bank of France which stabilized the economy by issuing paper money that was backed by a large gold reserve.Louisiana Purchase. … Conquers Europe. … Meritocracy. … Education Reforms. … Concordat of 1801. … Napoleonic Code.

Why did Napoleon rise so quickly?

How did Napoleon rise to power so quickly in France? … Napoleon encouraged loyal emigres to return and he allowed peasants to keep lands they got from nobles or the church. He also established the Napoleonic code, which granted equality, religious toleration, and abolished feudalism.

How did Napoleon help the economy?

Napoleon strengthened the central government in France. To restore economic prosperity, Napoleon controlled prices, encourage new industry, and built roads and canals. He set up a system of public schools under strict government control to ensure well-trained officials and military officers.

What was Napoleon’s skills?

He was fearless in the battlefield, and had enough charisma to draw people in with his words. Of course, there are other words that have been used to describe him: tyrant, motivator, revolutionary, ruthless politician.

What impact did Napoleon have on the world?

He showed the world how to concentrate firepower and make use of mobile reserve batteries effectively. He promoted a movable type of warfare, with fast marches and decisive maneuvers. There was also a shift in his approach to war. He encouraged the professionalism of armies born from the French Revolution.

What were Napoleon’s most important policies?

Domestic Policy. Napoleon’s domestic policies encompassed a wide range of political and social issues within France. His most sweeping changes were the settlement with the Catholic Church, the codification of laws, and the new education system.

What was Napoleon’s contribution to making the French army great?

Napoleon was not the only high-quality commander in the French armies. Far from it. He fostered a core of skilled and courageous leaders, especially his marshals, who helped lead his troops to victory. None were as gifted as Napoleon himself, but they ensured a high caliber of leadership.

What were Napoleon Bonaparte’s domestic aims from 1799 to 1804?

What were Napoleon Bonaparte’s domestic aims from 1799 to 1804? -religious changes like being able to pick the bishops in return for recognizing Roman Catholicism in France.

Why Napoleon is a hero?

Napoleon was a hero because of his success on the battlefield, his effect on the advancement of France, and the fact that he lacked many of the qualities and actions normally associated with great villains in the past. Napoleon was an extremely successful on the battlefield and never stopped winning.

What did Napoleon do for the poor?

With only a few losses, all of lower Egypt came under Napoleon’s control. He set about reorganizing the government, the postal service, and the system for collecting taxes. He also helped build new hospitals for the poor. However, at this time a group of countries had banded together to oppose France.