Quick Answer: How Do I Get My Old DeviantArt Back?

How much is DeviantArt worth?

deviantart.com is worth $628,000,000 – Worth Of Web..

Does DeviantArt delete inactive accounts?

Once your account is deactivated, the following occurs: Your profile page is wiped clean. All of your deviations and journals are pulled from public view and after 21 days they will be scheduled for deletion from the servers.

Is DeviantArt Dead 2020?

DeviantArt isn’t “dead” and still has a userbase, but it isn’t what it used to be – the issues it has struggled with for years are still unsolved, so many artists instead use other options like ArtStation and Instagram.

Is DeviantArt eclipse permanent?

On March 6, 2019, DeviantArt officially released Eclipse to all users, with a toggle to switch back to the old site. On May 20, 2020, the old site was discontinued from access, leaving only Eclipse available.

How do I see old comments on DeviantArt?

To access public view and admin view comments, just click the “…” icon and select View Log. You will be transported to the old DA version of the page since groups are under construction.

Is ArtStation better than DeviantArt?

The quality of reach. Just like ArtStation has indicated, its goal is to help artists gain exposure and change their lives for the better. DeviantArt, on the other hand, seems to be more mellow on the aspect of profit for its users. DeviantArt appears to focus more on the interaction of its members.

How do you find deleted art on DeviantArt?

Unfortunately, once you’ve deleted something, even in Sta.sh, DeviantArt staff cannot recover it for you. Deleting gallery folders does not delete your content. If you delete a gallery folder, it doesn’t delete your deviations only the folder.

Can I have multiple DeviantArt accounts?

notice how an email is needed to have a DeviantART account and no two accounts can have the same email. So to make multiple DeviantART accounts, you need multiple email accounts, but oh, that’s quite simple.

How do I go back to the old DeviantArt?

To make the switch simply click on the More menu on the top navigation and select “Try DeviantArt Eclipse.” You can switch back to the old site by clicking on the avatar icon and selecting “Back to Old Version.”

How do I find my old DeviantArt account?

What should I do if I’ve lost access to my account?First, be sure you’re logging in with the correct username. … Email the help desk at accountrecovery@deviantart.com, and staff will assist you as quickly as possible.Be sure to let us know your username in your query.Please note that we absolutely cannot deactivate/delete an account on your behalf.More items…

How old is DeviantArt?

20 years (August 7, 2000)DeviantArt/Age

Is DeviantArt good for artists?

deviantART (often abbreviated as ‘dA’) has been around for 12 years, but it still isn’t recognized as a viable marketing strategy by many artists. Although it’s loaded with both resources and features, some aspects of the site bar it as a credible avenue for sales and promotion in the mainstream art world.