Quick Answer: Can Employers Check Social Media Before Hiring?

How many employers check social media before hiring?

What percentage of employers actually check social media before hiring.

The numbers might surprise you.

According to a recent study, around 70% of employers use social media to screen job candidates before hiring them..

Can employers not hire you because of social media?

The short answer is yes. It is completely legal for employers to check employees’ social media profiles. Some states even allow employers to solicit social media usernames and passwords from their workers. In general, state and federal privacy laws dictate what employers can and cannot ask for.

How do employers use social media when hiring?

Employers can use social media in two ways when hiring: to recruit candidates by publicizing job openings and to conduct background checks to confirm a candidate’s qualifications for a position.

Do employers look at Facebook before hiring?

Before you apply for a job, you should audit your social media accounts. Job seekers should assume that employers will check every social media platform. … Most employers view LinkedIn as a secondary resume and other social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as more personal.

Does HR look at Facebook?

According to Crawford, recruiters and hiring managers are concentrating their efforts on two sections of your Facebook page — your “about me” section, and your photo albums.

Can employers look at your private Instagram?

This is incredibly risky. One quick look at an applicant’s Instagram account or any other profile can reveal all kinds of personal information, such as their sexual orientation or religion. This can open your company up to discrimination lawsuits if the candidate does not end up getting the job.

Social screening job candidates hazardous Employers using social networks to gather information on job candidates could be breaking the law. … Under the Privacy Act employers and recruiters must: – Inform a candidate that they have collected personal information about them.

Why shouldn’t employers look at social media?

When done improperly, a social media background check can put your organization at risk for lawsuits. … An employer researching a candidate on social media could easily learn that their candidate has one or more of these protected characteristics. This knowledge could cause a biased hiring decision.

Should companies look at employees social media?

Yes: Keeping an Eye on Employees Helps Companies Protect Themselves. Management has a right and responsibility to monitor how employees are using social media at all times. If companies don’t pay attention, they may end up facing any number of serious problems.

What employers look for in an employee?

5 traits employers really want younger workers to haveDependability/reliability. Nearly every HR professional that participated in the SHRM survey (97%) said that dependability and reliability are very or extremely important qualities for applicants being considered for entry-level positions. … Integrity. … Respect. … Teamwork. … Customer focus.

What HR looks for in a candidate?

The foremost quality HR managers look for in a candidate is his/her ability to endure an unpleasant situation. Since turnovers can be expensive for the company, HR prefers to hire a person who has high commitment levels and can stick long.